100DB Week Two

Well – despite several glitches and system breakdowns (including a cyber attack on the website!), I have submitted my book plan, outline, and first two chapters.
And it feels fantastic! That’s 4000 words submitted (of a total goal of 55,000-60,000).

Behind the scenes, I have actually now written 16,000 as I’m writing a minimum of 550 words per day. Usually, as I sit down at the end of my long day to get this word count out, it turns into 700-1500 words as it all falls out onto the keyboard. So I am well ahead. This is good news, as December is going to be busy. It always is! And I want to be able to relax a little bit on my holiday and not worry about missing deadlines.

The story is coming along well. I am feeling really confident with the plot – I truly think it is interesting and exciting and something I would read. My main concern is my lack of confidence in the delivery – the actual writing. It feels juvenile. I feel like I can’t convey what I want to. Is my character development lacking? Am I repeating descriptions over and over (and over)?

Another 4000 words due this Saturday. Bring it on, I look forward to more critique on where I can develop the story or the characters.

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