The Wild Within, the sequel to my debut novel Wildflowers is available for pre-order now!

Wild Within e cover

Isla is not the same girl she was when she met Samael in the forest. Ellen has lived half her life putting the needs of others before her own.

The two healing women live on opposite sides of the forest, separated by only a magical portal and a fragile treaty.

But when the time comes to choose, which side will Isla be on?

And what will she do to protect both the man she loves and the people who raised her?

Through a story that spans twenty years, the decisions and heartbreaks of the two women will be revealed, and secrets long buried will need to be faced.


Wildflowers – my debut Young Adult novel.


Wildflowers, this heart-filled debut novel, is a story of fierce love and sacrifice.

17-year-old Isla has always known that she will die young. Suffering from the same disease that killer mother, she spends her days in the village learning the craft of healing or daydreaming in the forest. But when she comes across a hidden clearing and a mysterious, strange-looking boy, she starts to dream of a long and happy life.

But who is he? Where does he go when she leaves the forest? And how can they be together when their lives are worlds apart?

What unfolds after their meeting turns Isla’s life on its head, as she learns to love and to hope – and about the true meaning of sacrifice. At the very heart of the story is the forest and how nature heals, protects and connects all people.